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Airone Services

Who We Are

Airone Services is a Company present on the market for over 20 years, specializing in the railway sector and constantly involved in industrialisation, construction and revamping of electrical panels, connections and assemblies on the major worldwide rolling stock orders.

Thanks to a significant experience and a penchant for improvement, Airone Service is a leading company with solutions ranging from high-traffic transport to undergrouds, up to driveless systems.


Numbers are our strength

Since 2013, Airone Services have been becoming a benchmark for reliability and punctuality in deliveries, producing more than 4,200 electrical panels, 33,000 electrical connections and more than 16,300 electrical junction boxes.

13000 +
electrical panels
15000 +
electrical junction boxes
30000 +
electrical connections

Main Business Categories

Business Turnover

High Quality Standards


In order to comply with the highest quality standards required by our customers, all the activities of Airone Services are in compliance with the railway regulations in force.

Company Policy

At the basis of the Quality Management System, AIRONE SERVICE s.r.l. places the following essential requirements:

  • The General Management (DG and Legal Representative) of the company is directly, continuously and permanently involved in managing the System.
  • Company personnel – at all levels – are fully and consciously involved in the implementation of the Quality Management System.
  • The relationship with the Customer is based on maximum collaboration, in order to correctly evaluate their needs and be able to respond promptly.
  • The company has a close collaboration with suppliers, in order to improve the quality of the products and services purchased.
  • Considering the pre-eminent role of human resources, a particular attention is dedicated to the training and development of all staff.