About us

Airone Services S.r.l.


Airone Services LTD was founded by the members of the Palma Family, with the aim of creating a reference firm in their scope of competence.

The initial activity was born in the automotive industry and, through the skills and expertise available, the business has expanded to the cabling and assembly of electrical panels for rail sectors, aeronautical and industrial.

In 2001 the Company has implemented and certified, together with SGS Italia LTD a Quality Management System, and in 2009 the Board extended the certification to the Aeronautic section, implementing a system complying with 9100:2005 e 9001:2008 (EA 19). This certification was done by PJR Inc. and later transferred to UNAVIA Cert (credited to Accredia). In 2009 the company has also acquired the IRIS certification in the railway sector.

The Company has joined national and European projects together with “Associazione Leo Onlus ONG”, for the professional training and the re-engaging of disadvantaged youth, through classes and on-the-job training.

Company policy

Airone Services LTD is certified according to:

Airone Services LTD has implemented a system of SKILLS MANAGEMENT according to Cocs 30.5/DTa and holds a Register of mainteners qualified to operate the MV ELECTRICAL safety body. Our Quality Policy is disseminated to customers, suppliers and internal personnel in order to make clear the scope and the commitments undertaken by the Company. The primary target of AIRONE SERVICE LTD, however, is to meet the expectations of all those involved in the production cycle (Customers, Employees and Suppliers). The Company is convinced that the Quality of Products and Services, obtained through constant commitment in any phase of the production process, is the key factor to a achieve a prominent role in the market. The Company believes that the development of a Quality Management System is the most effective tool to reach and maintain these goals.

The founding principles of a Quality Management System are, according to AIRONE SERVICE LTD:

  • The Company Board and the Legal Representative are constantly, directly and permanently engaged in the management of the Quality System.
  • The personnel at all levels is fully and consciously involved in the implementation of the Quality System.
  • The Customer Service is based on the maximum cooperation, in order to properly assess the customers’ needs and promptly meet their requirements.
  • A policy of cooperation is dealt with suppliers, for the continuous improvement of products and services purchased.
  • In recognition of the prominent role of human resources,special attention is dedicated to recurrent training of all personnel.

The Quality Management System developed by AIRONE SERVICE LTD complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN 9100:2009. The Board is committed to the dissemination and the application of the standards in all the sections of the Firm. The Board defines goals on a regular basis, as well as the strategies for their fulfillment.